General Purpose Wheels For Bench and Pedestal Grinders

Crystal Abrasive vitrified bonded general purpose grinding wheels for use on bench, floor stand and pedestal grinders are most economic and efficient in grinding of all steels. They are designed for use of versatile off-hand grinding in deburring bar stock after cutting, and touching-up reconditioning and sharpening tools where precision grinding is not required.

Standard Sizes

White Alumina - 100, 150, 180, 200, 250mm

Silicon Carbide - 150, 180, 200, 250mm

Industrial Usage

Automotive, Metal Fabrication

Construction, Precision Grinding


Aluminum Oxide Wheels (Gray color) are used for grinding all metals in a variety of grinding operations ranging from rough sharpening of miscellaneous work pieces to the off-hand grinding or sharpening of tools

 Extra coarse : A24 for fast, free cutting and rough grinding.

 Coarse : A36/A46 for greater stock removal desired and surface finishing not critical on jobs.

 Medium : A60/A80 for general grinding to obtain acceptable metal removal and finish.

 Fine : A100/A120 for fine clean-up, reconditioning and deburring applications of small tools.

Green Silicon Carbide Wheels (green color) are used on the same machine to resharpening carbide tools and carbide-tipped saws, lathe tools, saws, milling cutters, masonry drill bits

 Coarse : GC46/GC60 for fast and rough grinding of new tungsten carbide, salvaging broken or damaged tools

 Medium : GC80 most common grit for grinding of every tungsten carbide tools

 Fine : GC100/GC120 for fine finishing, reconditioning and deburring applications


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